Since 1880

Over 135 years of experience in the vineyard and in the

Since 1880 we have cultivated the best Sicilian grapes, and today we represent a reality of great tradition and experience on the island. Over the last 135 years we have acquired a deep knowledge of our territory, of the methods of cultivation of native vines and of the best techniques of vinification of the grapes.

A family story

Among the greatest families of Sicilian wine

Th e Pellegrino family has always personally overseen the activities in the vineyard and in the winery, and the family is still today, having reached the seventh generation, involved daily in the management of the company. A long family history made up of respect, care, love and dedication, of values handed down from father to son, which today make it one of the greatest families of Sicilian wine.

Th e most wine-dedicated Sicily

Our vineyards are located in western Sicily, the most prized and wine-dedicated area of the island

The Pellegrino vineyards are located in the westernmost part of Sicily, which is characterized by a great variety of microclimates. The territory boasts the highest vine-covered area in Italy as it is considered the most suitable area of the island for grape growing. Here in fact the intense light, the dry climate, the fresh soils, the winds coming from the south and the strong atmospheric temperature range, create the ideal conditions for the production of quality wines.

The cradle of native vines

The greatest Sicilian native vines have always been cultivated in these areas

It was the Phoenicians who, between the eighth and seventh century BC, introduced vine cultivation in these territories. We are therefore in the cradle of the native Sicilian vines: grillo, inzolia, catarratto, grecanico, zibibbo, malvasia, nero d’avola, nerello mascalese and frappato, these vines have always been used here for the production of great wines.

Family estates

Four estates, each with a specific vocation and all
cultivated organically

We grow our grapes on four estates each with specific vocations and all run using organic farming methods in full respect of the environment. Kelbi, a lush garden, ideal for growing catarratto. Rinazzo, harsh and desert-like, where the syrah grows vigorously. Salinaro, whose grillo vineyards along the coast enjoy the fresh sea breezes. Gazzerotta, a windy plateau, ideal for the cultivation of nero d’avola and where an ancient grillo vine has put down deep roots, expressing the highest quality levels.

Deep respect for the land

Organic cultivations, clean energy and green choices

We are committed to safeguarding the territory in which we operate and we cultivate the grapes on our estates exclusively with organic methods, in full respect of the environment. Green choices also concern all areas of production, from lighting to logistics and from waste management to the use of water resources, so as to limit any form of environmental pollution.

Wide variety,
high specialization

Vineyards, wineries and specialized oenologists, each one
dedicated to the production of wines, Passito and Marsala

Thanks to different cultivation areas, three different wineries – Cardilla for wines, Pantelleria for moscato and passito, Marsala for the homonymous wine and fortified wines – and winemakers dedicated to every type of wine, we are the Sicilian winery able to offer the widest variety of Sicilian wines.

Great white and red wines

Single variety, biological native varieties, family estates, aromatic wines and cru

In addition to the estate wines from grapes grown on family properties, we produce: a line of single variety wines, from native and international grapes grown in our territory; a line of wines from native organic grapes, a line of wines produced from typical Sicilian aromatic grapes, characterized by intense typically Mediterranean aromas, and one cru, the highest qualitative expression of each vintage.

Pantelleria in our hearts

We are the first producers in the world of Pantelleria Moscato and Passito

In the alberello vineyards of Pantelleria, today a UNESCO world heritage site, we cultivate the zibibbo grapes, from which a great Pantelleria Moscato is born, produced in our winery on the island. From the same grapes dried by the August sun on reed trellises, the Pantelleria Passito is born, of which the Nes represents the most noble and precious version.

The history of Marsala wine

From the long rows of barrels emanate the inebriating
perfumes of the most famous Sicilian wine

The history of Marsala wine coincides with that of the Pellegrino family. In 1880 the winery began to make wine from the famous Sicilian vine so as to market it all over the world. Even today in their historical wineries, the diff erent types of Marsala – Oro, Ambra, Rubino, Garibaldi, S.O.M., and the two classics Vergine and Soleras – are refined over many years in more than a thousand oak barrels and casks.