Green choises

Green choices

“Pellegrino shows its nature, establishing with the territory to which it belongs a respectful relationship for a land to love, protect and pass down to future generations”

Gratitude. It is from this value that the respect for the earth and the environment can grow. Gratitude: that feeling from which was born the love and the passion with which the Pellegrino family has supported the environment during its long history. The care in cultivating vineyards, the environmental support for the maintenance of the landscape, the green oriented choices, all contribute to the description of the core values of the corporate philosophy.

Every good fruit grows from a beloved land and for this reason Pellegrino shows its nature establishing with the territory to which it belongs a respectful relationship for a land, to love, protect and pass down to future generations. The respect for the environment passes through the choices put into practice. And many choices have been implemented by the Pellegrino family, becoming a true example of sensitive entrepreneurship for the safeguarding and protection of the environment.

Sustainable choices in all sectors and areas of production of the company, from lighting to logistics, from waste management to the use of water resources, up to the limitation of any kind of environmental pollution. Among the green actions to be noted is the choice to save energy thanks to the use of led technology for the company lighting, and particularly the significant use of solar energy, with installations that allow the production of a high proportion of electricity from renewable sources.

The company favours the use of recyclable materials like paper, cardboard and plastic. The winery hardly discharges any emissions into the atmosphere and also considers water to be a precious asset, so much as to have chosen to limit its consumption thanks to two wells belonging to the family. The choices taken are the natural revelation of a deep inherent feeling in the soul of the founder of the winery and passed down to modern generations. This makes Pellegrino a great Sicilian company and a leading wine-making family.

Vineyards, nature and organic wines

Vineyards, nature and organic wines

The same land that bears fruit is the one that must be caressed turf after turf, from the ground to the top of the plants”

The green decisions also concern the work in the vineyard. The same land that bears fruit is the one that must be caressed turf after turf, from the ground to the top of the plants. Grateful to the territory and to nature, not only have the members of the family over the years carried out choices aimed at environmental sustainability, but they have also wanted to produce organic production wines, using totally organic fertilisers. Thus organic Pellegrino wines have been created. The two organic dessert wines come from the territory of Trapani, where zibibbo and malvasia grapes are cultivated in an organic way on a medium consistency, sandy and slightly clayey soil. The grapes, caressed by the gentle sea breeze, grow in a particularly favourable Mediterranean climatic contest, with mild winters and hot, ventilated summers.

The ideal conditions for their cultivation can be noted in the wineglass and in their fresh and captivating sweetness. Organic zibibbo dessert wine, with its light straw yellow colour, seduces thanks to intense citrus notes of orange blossom, yellow peach, cedar and melon. A dessert wine with a Sicilian flavour, elegant and persistent on the palate, ideal at the end of a meal, combined with biscuits and aromatic pastries.

Organic Malvasia dessert wine, light straw yellow in colour, on the other hand, expresses lightness and elegance with its ripe fruit hints of melon and apricot. Full and harmonic on the palate with slight notes of cooked pear and dry apricot, it brings out the best in custard or ricotta cheese based desserts. The two dessert wines are accompanied by organic indigenous wines.

Cultivated in the lands within the province of Trapani, in an organic way, the Catarratto and Grecanico grapes create the white Biosfera. The grape grows on a structured, chalky, sandy soil and it stands out for its fresh orange blossom and cedar notes, accompanied by an intense hint of sage. A wine of Mediterranean character, light, savoury and pleasant on the palate.

Then there is Materico which is a red wine from Nerello Mascalese grapes cultivated in the Salaparuta lands in the province of Trapani. Growing in a young medium deep clayey-carbonate soil, and rich in mineral elements, this vine variety expresses Mediterranean elegance. Slightly red coloured in the wineglass, its aroma recalls red fruits, black cherry, blackberry and cherry. Fresh and fruity with delicate notes of black pepper and cloves with cinnamon gradations.