Red Couture

Red Couture

“Every year, this bespoke red represents the highest example of the quality of the grape harvest”

From the grapes grown in picturesque vineyards located in the cradle of Sicilian oenology, among nature reserves, crystal clear sea and archaeological sites surrounded by greenery, a great wine – Tripudium has originated. The jewel of the Pellegrino family comes from grapes selected from the best black grape vine varieties grown in the province of Trapani. Depending on the year, dry, warm or fresh, it can be the expression of different varieties: a nero d’avola single grape variety, or a blend of the international grapes grown in this area.

Every year, this bespoke red represents highest example of the quality of the grape harvest. The grapes are harvested during the first ten days of September and all those winemaking techniques used to enhance their intrinsic qualities are then adopted in the winery. This process ends with ageing, first in the tank and then in oak barrels, for at least 24 months.

The history of the Tripudium began with the 2001 harvest. Every year it is the oenologist’s responsibility, together with his technical staff, to establish the variety destined for the Tripudium. Over the years, Nero d’Avola grapes, the most representative native vine of the island and Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, the two international varieties that have best adapted to the Mediterranean climate of this corner of Sicily have been selected.

Tripudium is recognized today as a great Sicilian red, appreciated all over the world for its elegance, able to offer emotion with that regal charm that only the most authentic Sicily can give. Its intense bouquet bewitches with fruity notes of plum, red fruit, black cherry and hints of eucalyptus. With a persistent taste on the palate, it releases aromas of red fruit, accompanied by balsamic and rosemary hints.